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5 Times Weed is Your Best Friend

Weed is the most reliable, low maintenance and useful best friend. It doesn’t get mad when you forget to answer its texts or decide to spend the night in. In fact, weed endorses it. It’s there for you to meet all of your desires of seclusion or to bring out your inner social butterfly. It’s good for everything from sleep, to making the most of a class trip to an art museum, to giving you and your awkward Tinder date something to finally bond over.

1. When Your Beauty Sleep Doesn’t Go As Planned

Sleep is so important for attaining mental and physical health yet a lot of people don’t get the proper sleep that they deserve. About 30% of all adults suffer from sleep-related issues such as insomnia. Maybe it’s the stress of watching the turbulence of the American political landscape or the exposure of too much blue light emitting from your phone screen when you’re trying to unwind at night. Whatever it may be, weed can help you sleep. No matter how awful your day or how compelling the television program, good weed will have you hitting the REM cycle faster than you can get through the opening credits.

Various studies have suggested that THC can significantly reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. Though the science behind it isn’t entirely clear, it is thought that aromatic compounds called terpenes are responsible for this effect. Terpenes can also be found in lavender and chamomile, other substances associated with inducing sleep. If you’re considering weed for a good night and an easier morning, be sure to choose an Indica strain. This strain is much more soothing and relaxing than its counterpart, Sativa, which tends to make people feel more energized.

2. When You Need to Find SOMETHING to do With Your Tinder Date

We’ve all been there. Their pictures are great, their profile is well-thought-out, and their Spotify anthem is one of your go-to’s as well. The conversation has been going on for a few days and you feel really excited to finally meet in person. But then you two hang out, and you realize they a total drag and has nothing to contribute to real-world conversations. They also apparently still lives with their parents, which you certainly wish you knew sooner. There’s no hope for a future with this person, and you need something to make the night at least slightly enjoyable. This is where weed comes in. You two will be totally comfortable sitting in absolute silence watching The Great British Bake Off with each other without it feeling awkward.

Weed provides temporary relief from both physical and mental stressors, allowing quieter, more enjoyable experiences. Instead of focusing on actual, relationship-driven things to talk about, you can instead focus on seven-layer cakes and Mary Berry’s lovely accent. Weed has also been known to make sex more enjoyable, so if you at least want to hook up before you never text back again, it might end up being better.

3. When You’re Forced to be Social

Did you have to take an art elective in college? Chances are you did, and also had to participate in a weekend field trip to a museum to get some form of credit. And then you had to write an “appreciation” paper about it. If you aren’t into art or spending time with any of your art-loving classmates, weed can help make the field trip way more enjoyable and make you forget that Denise who sits behind you brought a lox bagel to class last week, and chewed with her mouth open for the first 20 minutes of lecture.

When marijuana is consumed, it stimulates the frontal lobe, the area of the brain that tends to have more activity for creativity. As a stimulant, weed is also said to boost creative output. This makes it easier to connect with, understand, enjoy and create art. Colors will appear more vivid, you’ll have a more philosophical outlook of the art that you’re looking at, it will just seem more compelling in general. A Renaissance painting of a woman drinking wine while dramatically pulling a sword on her husband will go from “this is boring” to “me tho, I feel you girl.”

4. When You Want to Elevate Your Music Experience

Weed makes all music more enjoyable. It’s even capable of making Crazy Frog by Axel F bearable. The connection between weed and music has been a longstanding one. It dates back to the origins of jazz in the late 1900s. It’s believed that weed’s impact on your perception of time makes it feel like it’s passing slower. It also drives your focus to nothing else besides the music, allowing you to hear rhythms and instruments that you would have otherwise never picked up on. This is why you’ll see that a lot of musicians smoke weed to aid with writing music, allowing them to create more complex pieces.

Weed is also a huge staple of music festivals. That pretty much goes without saying. If you attend any type of music festival, just look around and you’ll see that almost everyone is passing a joint. This also has to do with how weed increases your appreciation for art and music as previously mentioned. So if you’re a struggling artist having difficulty perfecting your latest song, or you’re simply a music enthusiast at a festival, consider weed to heighten your creativity and appreciation of the art.

5. When You’re Feeling Philosophical

Weed continues to come in handy when you need to contemplate the mysteries of the universe. It’s good for all means of such introspection: establishing whether or not there is a higher power, why blue raspberry isn’t an actual kind of produce, where all the lost socks go, how Stonehenge got there, why people care about it, really it’s just a bunch of big rocks, if there’s an afterlife, what does Elon Musk think about when he’s high? Weed can answer all of these questions or at least make you content enough that you don’t care to dwell on them anymore.

This is because weed increases that neural activity in your frontal cortex, which controls everything from personality to problem-solving. The THC in weed allows for this part of your brain to form new connections and pathways for thought. It even increases your ability to associate different words. This all allows you to contemplate even more deeply. Ever notice that when you smoke weed, suddenly you’ve entered a MacGyver mindset and also have about five entrepreneurial ideas pop into your head that would definitely give you returns by Quarter 4? That frontal cortex stimulation is why.

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