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8 Things Every Stoner Can Relate To

Although every high is unique, there are several experiences every stoner can relate to whether it’s the inevitable onset of the munchies, the struggle to even confront the idea of leaving the house, or a sudden fascination with really, really bad TV programs. These common experiences are simply all part of the stoner’s journey. In this article, we’re going to highlight the top 8 things weed smokers from far and wide can all relate to.

1. Going Through Lighters Quicker Than Bobby Pins and Hair Ties

Just like the law of conservation of mass (which you read about for 20 minutes last week completely unwarranted) lighters can neither be created nor destroyed. They can also never be found. You know you have one. In fact, you know you have upwards of five lighters, but you can never seem to find them when it’s time to light up. There’s the orange one, the gray one, and the one with the dumb skull on it that you accidentally stole from your friend, you know there are countless but none are in sight. Yet again, you are left to desperately search for a matchbook, rub two sticks together or go out and buy yet another lighter to get high. Or, you realize that you’ve had a lighter sitting in your lap the entire time. Whoops!

2. Doing Everything in Your Power to Not Smell Like Weed

Maybe you’ve just smoked out of your bathroom window and you’re worried about your parents coming home soon. Maybe you enjoyed a quick joint in your car before entering work for the day or before going to a movie with friends. Whatever the case may be, chances are that even if you don’t smell like weed, you worry that you might. The smell of weed does tend to cling to things, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Because of this, you probably know what the best Febreeze scents are or own more scented candles than you can even count. Being high is worth smelling like Patchouli car air freshener.

3. Knowing the Importance of Self Care Through Relaxation

When you get high, chances are that you can’t perform everyday tasks as well as you could while sober. We’re not talking about doing fun stuff like creating art and hanging out with friends, we’re talking about super lame stuff like running errands and cleaning your house. When you get high, you generally don’t do so when you know you have to do super lame stuff. You generally get high when you know you have a chance to mellow out to some Netlifx with friends. When you smoke weed, you enter a relaxed state that allows you to unwind without the worries of the world around you. Because of this, weed is a great asset to self-care through relaxation. Studies have even proven that those who smoke weed tend to be more relaxed than their non-smoking counterparts. Life is constantly moving a million miles a minute and a lot of people forget to take time for themselves. Marijuana helps, and is waiting for you with a delicious pizza.

4. Coming Face to Face with the Munchies

You can run, but you can’t hide. It is inevitable and probably the most common experience when it comes to getting high. You are going to get the munchies. Whether you’re using weed for health/medical reasons or simply for recreational use, the munchies are usually the most enjoyable aspect of the process. It can help reawaken the appetites of those undergoing chemotherapy and is simply an enjoyable excuse to indulge for the recreational user. Either way, food has never tasted better.

It is thought that the THC present in weed stimulates the appetite. THC reacts with receptors in the brain’s olfactory bulb, which triggers the senses. Basically, the THC triggers your brain to smell better and crave the food you want even more. This increased desire for food makes it taste more satisfying when you finally get to eat. THC is truly a miracle worker, making the entirety of your local convenience store seem like a dream come true. With weed, your brain will stop at nothing to get you those coveted Cool Ranch Doritos, and you won’t regret it in the slightest.

5. The Struggle of Having an Unreliable Dealer

We’ve all been there. Your dealer will come through consistently for weeks and sometimes he’ll even deliver to your house. He seems like a cool guy, and sometime you and your friends will even invite him in for a bit to enjoy a little bit of what he just dropped off. But then he’ll disappear for weeks at a time, jack up his prices without any reason, short you 0.2g on your order, will come through with mids (mids are still a thing?) or he will just forget he was supposed to meet up with you in the Tim Hortons parking lot altogether.

You may be inclined to give up on him once and for all and the thought of having to find another reliable dealer sounds like way too much stress. That’s where Terra comes in. Our online dispensary is packed with a variety of products, offering you a much more robust selection than what your guy would’ve had in stock. We also ship directly to your door, so there’s no need for any unnecessary human interaction.

6. Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening With Nature

Sometimes you may find yourself high and suddenly “in tune” with nature and the world around you. You’ll start to see beauty in little things you didn’t notice before. The sun may seem more appealing than ever. The grass may seem more inviting than your comforter, which is tough to achieve. You may even find yourself wanting to hike. Yeah, hike. You’ll find a newfound connection with the trees and really get what the Lorax was going on about. You will finally and fully understand the entirety of “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas.

Or you might settle for the best of both worlds: watching Planet Earth. You can admire the nature in all of its high-resolution glory while being tucked in bed. The lack of a complex plotline and the excess of lush landscapes depicted are perfect for following in a weed-induced high.

7. Rediscovering Your Love for the Arts and Creativity

Marijuana can be used as a great tool for sparking creativity and appreciation for the arts. Artists use weed to help with their creative processes due to weed’s stimulation of the frontal lobe of the brain. This stimulation increases creativity and philosophical thought in the user. Stoners are no different and also find their creative juices flowing rapidly once they get a chance to spark up. Even if you don’t intend to, you may find yourself reaching for the 64-pack of crayons or writing some hard-hitting slam poetry about your ex-girlfriend once you get high.

8. Understanding the Importance of Proper Stoner Etiquette

There are many unspoken rules that every stoner knows and they can almost be considered a ‘cultural norm’ among the stoner community. Bring your own weed to share with everyone if you’re smoking in a group. Always remove the seeds and stems from your bowl pack. Don’t torch the entire thing; only light a small portion of the herb. Don’t hold onto the joint in a smoking circle and talk for 3 minutes by failing to abide by the “puff puff pass” rule. Don’t ever pass a bowl that’s ‘cashed’ or ‘beat.’ Don’t act like an idiot in front of everyone and know when you’ve reached your limit.

Although these may sound pretty straightforward, sometimes they can be hard to grasp for novices. This is especially important if you’re new at smoking and trying to prove that you can hang with the big kids. Before you join a group smoke sesh aiming to prove your worth in the stoner community, make sure you read up on some common words of stoner etiquette to ensure that you don’t end up looking like a total dweeb and embarrass yourself.

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