Cannabis Shortages After Legalization

Cannabis Shortages After Legalization

Just a few weeks after Canada’s milestone legalization of recreational marijuana, dispensaries all over Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick are cutting back hours or temporarily shutting down due to low cannabis supplies. This raises a lot of questions about the future of the cannabis industry in Canada and other countries looking to follow their lead. It seems that the transition from prohibition to legalization is much more complicated than simply amending and enforcing laws and regulations, and although upsetting for many Canadian stoners, this dry spell does not come as a complete shock.

Why is there a marijuana shortage?

Experts are blaming the shortages partly on a miscalculation of demand. Marijuana has been illegal in Canada since the early 1900’s, and although it has become more accepted in the medical community over the last decade, full legalization is still widely uncharted territory. Canada is only the second country ever to fully legalize marijuana, and after such a long period of prohibition, it was difficult for the government to accurately estimate what products would be in highest demand.

This has been reflected in their licensing process, with only 132 producers approved so far.  Of the 132, only 78 of them have received full sales licenses. It no surprise that a bottleneck would arise when there are such a limited amount of wholesale producers legally in business. Furthermore, many of these producing facilities have not yet reached full growth capacity, as they were not issued their licenses early enough, prior to legalization day.

Now that many of these facilities have been completely stripped of their available cannabis stock, all they can do is wait for more plants to grow. It is clear that the slow-churn of bureaucracy has had a direct effect on the supply and demand of cannabis in Canada, and with the explosion in demand since October 17th, these shortages may last longer than we hope.

Regardless of who or what is at fault, dearth marijuana supplies have pushed many users back into the clutches of the black market, reaching out to dealers and illegal delivery services to get their high. This, unfortunately, is exactly what the Canadian government was trying to avoid by legalizing cannabis, suggesting that further reform of regulation and producer licensing may be necessary.

Who is most affected?

The biggest shortages have been seen in the eastern provinces, including Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick. Days after legalization, dispensaries in Quebec were forced to turn away customers who had been waiting in line for hours. The province has been forced to shut-down their 12 government-run dispensaries for 3 full days each week to deal with the cannabis crisis.

In Ontario, which sells marijuana exclusively online, many dispensary website servers were over-flooded with orders, resulting in glitches, sold-out products, and website crashes in some cases. Many dispensaries are completely back-logged in orders, forced to issue refunds amidst the chaos.

Limited supplies have also lead to high conflict between dispensaries as they all struggle to get their hands on any product, sighting reform of regulations in Alberta. Alberta gaming, liquor, and cannabis have made it so dispensaries are no longer allowed to order wholesale cannabis online, and need to fill out orders manually, in the hopes that this will make the rationing of supplies fairer.

So where can I buy cannabis?

Many law-abiding stoners have turned to online dispensaries for their fix, even crashing a few sites with the influx of web traffic. Some of these online stores have also been affected by the shortages, leaving online consumers with a more limited selection of cannabis products than usual. Luckily for dispensaries like Terra, the producers work more exclusively and therefore are not as affected by the scarcity. So, where can you buy cannabis? Click here to view all our available flower products.

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Preventing The Winter Blues

Preventing The Winter Blues

The leaves are changing, morning coffee has become a life or death decision and the morning air has your bed feeling like a safe haven. The thought of smashing your alarm clock and going back to sleep has never sounded better. Yes, the winter months have arrived and are in full effect. This could mean one of two things; you are ecstatic for the snow to start falling and are fully prepared for Christmas songs to become the background music to your everyday life, or the sheer thought of this time of the year drags you deep into the winter blues.

What exactly are the winter blues? Well, if you have them you’re probably already four seasons into the latest Netflix special that came out a few days ago. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as seasonal depression, is generally a recurring mood disorder that happens in the fall or winter months, but it can affect some in spring or early summer.

A few symptoms include; lack of energy, fatigue, increased desire to be alone, weight gain, trouble concentrating and a greater need for sleep. Some scientists have concluded this disorder may be linked to a shortage of serotonin, a neurotransmitter organically made in the brain, due to the shortened daylight hours during winter months (lack of sunlight).

The benefits of this chemical messenger are how it regulates mood, nausea, sleep, emotions and even sexual function. Luckily for you, cannabis can be a cure for seasonal depression, and we’ve put together a guide to help you discover the many ways it can help.

How Cannabis Can Help Seasonal Depression

Now that cannabis has become legal across Canada, everyone has the opportunity to test the many benefits it has on the winter blues. Getting back to serotonin levels, cannabis is known to adjust these levels in a positive way. For instance, CBD and THC are two cannabinoids that play a unique role in our bodies endocannabinoid system. They both allow neurotransmitters to bind with cannabinoids, allowing for symptoms of winter blues to be prevented by reducing feelings of depression.

Cannabis has been helping patients prevent depression for longer than you might think. Robert Burton, author of The Anatomy of Melancholy, recommended its use in his book in 1621. Up to this point, cannabis has been largely pushed under the rug by the vast majority of doctors, due to legal liabilities. Luckily, times are changing with more and more countries loosening their legal grip on medical and recreational cannabis. With that in mind, let’s get back to how cannabis can help you get back to your daily routine and out of the rut this winter has put you in.

Finding the Perfect Balance

Before we discuss the different strains that can help prevent seasonal affective disorder, it is important to know that cannabis affects everyone differently. It is not a one-size-fits-all medication. One strain may be beneficial for increasing mood/energy for one person, but it may not be as beneficial for someone else in search of the same effects. In order to help find which strains are the best option for you, a weed journal may be beneficial to keep track of how you feel and the benefits you experience. Below are a few recommendations that may help eliminate the side effects of seasonal affective disorder. All strains can be purchased online at Terra cannabis, Canada’s #1 cannabis delivery service.  The difference between a sativa and an indica strain can be found here.

Blue Dream

Start your morning off right with this legendary West Coast sativa-dominant hybrid. Balancing full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration, Blue Dream will leave you on cloud nine with happy, euphoric, relaxed feelings that will help eliminate those dreaded mornings. Medical benefits include; stress, depression, pain, insomnia and lack of appetite.

Blue Nuken

God Bud, Shishkaberry and Blueberry is a rare combination like no other, creating Blue Nuken. This strain offers the best of both Sativa and Indica by providing an undeniably strong high with feelings of relaxation, happiness, and euphoria. It’s sweet earthy aroma of fresh herbs and grass is enough to bring a smile to your face. Although strong, Blue Nuken allows you to stay functional enough to power through the day.

Sour Tangie

This sativa dominant strain is the perfect match to fight seasonal affective disorder symptoms. It is an 80% sativa cross between East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie, which brings together the classic Sour Diesel aroma with an elevation buzz and strong citrus overtones. Its effects make you feel happy, uplifted, energetic, euphoric and relaxed. On the medical side, this strain helps with stress, depression, and fatigue. If you are someone that needs help with emotion and energy levels, Sour Tangie is the ideal strain for you.

Larry OG Strain

Many of us need a little extra kick start to our day during winter months. Larry OG is the perfect balance of a potent yet easy body buzz that will allow you to reduce stress/depression without being glued to the couch. Its effects are happy and euphoric but not overwhelming, allowing you to go throughout your day without the burden of the winter blues holding you back. This strain is an indica cross between OG Kush and SFV OG with lemon, pine and citrus flavours.  

Stay Active, Stay Positive

“You just can’t live in that negative way, make way for the positive day,” a quote from Bob Marley. Everyone has experienced the annoying downfalls to winter blues in one way or another, the important thing to remember is cannabis can be used to prevent these downfalls. Don’t let the winter months prevent you from doing the things you love and enjoy, fight back and get your medication delivered today!  

8 Things Every Stoner Can Relate To

8 Things Every Stoner Can Relate To

Although every high is unique, there are several experiences every stoner can relate to whether it’s the inevitable onset of the munchies, the struggle to even confront the idea of leaving the house, or a sudden fascination with really, really bad TV programs. These common experiences are simply all part of the stoner’s journey. In this article, we’re going to highlight the top 8 things weed smokers from far and wide can all relate to.

1. Going Through Lighters Quicker Than Bobby Pins and Hair Ties

Just like the law of conservation of mass (which you read about for 20 minutes last week completely unwarranted) lighters can neither be created nor destroyed. They can also never be found. You know you have one. In fact, you know you have upwards of five lighters, but you can never seem to find them when it’s time to light up. There’s the orange one, the gray one, and the one with the dumb skull on it that you accidentally stole from your friend, you know there are countless but none are in sight. Yet again, you are left to desperately search for a matchbook, rub two sticks together or go out and buy yet another lighter to get high. Or, you realize that you’ve had a lighter sitting in your lap the entire time. Whoops!

2. Doing Everything in Your Power to Not Smell Like Weed

Maybe you’ve just smoked out of your bathroom window and you’re worried about your parents coming home soon. Maybe you enjoyed a quick joint in your car before entering work for the day or before going to a movie with friends. Whatever the case may be, chances are that even if you don’t smell like weed, you worry that you might. The smell of weed does tend to cling to things, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Because of this, you probably know what the best Febreeze scents are or own more scented candles than you can even count. Being high is worth smelling like Patchouli car air freshener.

3. Knowing the Importance of Self Care Through Relaxation

When you get high, chances are that you can’t perform everyday tasks as well as you could while sober. We’re not talking about doing fun stuff like creating art and hanging out with friends, we’re talking about super lame stuff like running errands and cleaning your house. When you get high, you generally don’t do so when you know you have to do super lame stuff. You generally get high when you know you have a chance to mellow out to some Netlifx with friends. When you smoke weed, you enter a relaxed state that allows you to unwind without the worries of the world around you. Because of this, weed is a great asset to self-care through relaxation. Studies have even proven that those who smoke weed tend to be more relaxed than their non-smoking counterparts. Life is constantly moving a million miles a minute and a lot of people forget to take time for themselves. Marijuana helps, and is waiting for you with a delicious pizza.

4. Coming Face to Face with the Munchies

You can run, but you can’t hide. It is inevitable and probably the most common experience when it comes to getting high. You are going to get the munchies. Whether you’re using weed for health/medical reasons or simply for recreational use, the munchies are usually the most enjoyable aspect of the process. It can help reawaken the appetites of those undergoing chemotherapy and is simply an enjoyable excuse to indulge for the recreational user. Either way, food has never tasted better.

It is thought that the THC present in weed stimulates the appetite. THC reacts with receptors in the brain’s olfactory bulb, which triggers the senses. Basically, the THC triggers your brain to smell better and crave the food you want even more. This increased desire for food makes it taste more satisfying when you finally get to eat. THC is truly a miracle worker, making the entirety of your local convenience store seem like a dream come true. With weed, your brain will stop at nothing to get you those coveted Cool Ranch Doritos, and you won’t regret it in the slightest.

5. The Struggle of Having an Unreliable Dealer

We’ve all been there. Your dealer will come through consistently for weeks and sometimes he’ll even deliver to your house. He seems like a cool guy, and sometime you and your friends will even invite him in for a bit to enjoy a little bit of what he just dropped off. But then he’ll disappear for weeks at a time, jack up his prices without any reason, short you 0.2g on your order, will come through with mids (mids are still a thing?) or he will just forget he was supposed to meet up with you in the Tim Hortons parking lot altogether.

You may be inclined to give up on him once and for all and the thought of having to find another reliable dealer sounds like way too much stress. That’s where Terra comes in. Our online dispensary is packed with a variety of products, offering you a much more robust selection than what your guy would’ve had in stock. We also ship directly to your door, so there’s no need for any unnecessary human interaction.

6. Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening With Nature

Sometimes you may find yourself high and suddenly “in tune” with nature and the world around you. You’ll start to see beauty in little things you didn’t notice before. The sun may seem more appealing than ever. The grass may seem more inviting than your comforter, which is tough to achieve. You may even find yourself wanting to hike. Yeah, hike. You’ll find a newfound connection with the trees and really get what the Lorax was going on about. You will finally and fully understand the entirety of “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas.

Or you might settle for the best of both worlds: watching Planet Earth. You can admire the nature in all of its high-resolution glory while being tucked in bed. The lack of a complex plotline and the excess of lush landscapes depicted are perfect for following in a weed-induced high.

7. Rediscovering Your Love for the Arts and Creativity

Marijuana can be used as a great tool for sparking creativity and appreciation for the arts. Artists use weed to help with their creative processes due to weed’s stimulation of the frontal lobe of the brain. This stimulation increases creativity and philosophical thought in the user. Stoners are no different and also find their creative juices flowing rapidly once they get a chance to spark up. Even if you don’t intend to, you may find yourself reaching for the 64-pack of crayons or writing some hard-hitting slam poetry about your ex-girlfriend once you get high.

8. Understanding the Importance of Proper Stoner Etiquette

There are many unspoken rules that every stoner knows and they can almost be considered a ‘cultural norm’ among the stoner community. Bring your own weed to share with everyone if you’re smoking in a group. Always remove the seeds and stems from your bowl pack. Don’t torch the entire thing; only light a small portion of the herb. Don’t hold onto the joint in a smoking circle and talk for 3 minutes by failing to abide by the “puff puff pass” rule. Don’t ever pass a bowl that’s ‘cashed’ or ‘beat.’ Don’t act like an idiot in front of everyone and know when you’ve reached your limit.

Although these may sound pretty straightforward, sometimes they can be hard to grasp for novices. This is especially important if you’re new at smoking and trying to prove that you can hang with the big kids. Before you join a group smoke sesh aiming to prove your worth in the stoner community, make sure you read up on some common words of stoner etiquette to ensure that you don’t end up looking like a total dweeb and embarrass yourself.

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5 Times Weed Is Your Best Friend

5 Times Weed is Your Best Friend

Weed is the most reliable, low maintenance and useful best friend. It doesn’t get mad when you forget to answer its texts or decide to spend the night in. In fact, weed endorses it. It’s there for you to meet all of your desires of seclusion or to bring out your inner social butterfly. It’s good for everything from sleep, to making the most of a class trip to an art museum, to giving you and your awkward Tinder date something to finally bond over.

1. When Your Beauty Sleep Doesn’t Go As Planned

Sleep is so important for attaining mental and physical health yet a lot of people don’t get the proper sleep that they deserve. About 30% of all adults suffer from sleep-related issues such as insomnia. Maybe it’s the stress of watching the turbulence of the American political landscape or the exposure of too much blue light emitting from your phone screen when you’re trying to unwind at night. Whatever it may be, weed can help you sleep. No matter how awful your day or how compelling the television program, good weed will have you hitting the REM cycle faster than you can get through the opening credits.

Various studies have suggested that THC can significantly reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. Though the science behind it isn’t entirely clear, it is thought that aromatic compounds called terpenes are responsible for this effect. Terpenes can also be found in lavender and chamomile, other substances associated with inducing sleep. If you’re considering weed for a good night and an easier morning, be sure to choose an Indica strain. This strain is much more soothing and relaxing than its counterpart, Sativa, which tends to make people feel more energized.

2. When You Need to Find SOMETHING to do With Your Tinder Date

We’ve all been there. Their pictures are great, their profile is well-thought-out, and their Spotify anthem is one of your go-to’s as well. The conversation has been going on for a few days and you feel really excited to finally meet in person. But then you two hang out, and you realize they a total drag and has nothing to contribute to real-world conversations. They also apparently still lives with their parents, which you certainly wish you knew sooner. There’s no hope for a future with this person, and you need something to make the night at least slightly enjoyable. This is where weed comes in. You two will be totally comfortable sitting in absolute silence watching The Great British Bake Off with each other without it feeling awkward.

Weed provides temporary relief from both physical and mental stressors, allowing quieter, more enjoyable experiences. Instead of focusing on actual, relationship-driven things to talk about, you can instead focus on seven-layer cakes and Mary Berry’s lovely accent. Weed has also been known to make sex more enjoyable, so if you at least want to hook up before you never text back again, it might end up being better.

3. When You’re Forced to be Social

Did you have to take an art elective in college? Chances are you did, and also had to participate in a weekend field trip to a museum to get some form of credit. And then you had to write an “appreciation” paper about it. If you aren’t into art or spending time with any of your art-loving classmates, weed can help make the field trip way more enjoyable and make you forget that Denise who sits behind you brought a lox bagel to class last week, and chewed with her mouth open for the first 20 minutes of lecture.

When marijuana is consumed, it stimulates the frontal lobe, the area of the brain that tends to have more activity for creativity. As a stimulant, weed is also said to boost creative output. This makes it easier to connect with, understand, enjoy and create art. Colors will appear more vivid, you’ll have a more philosophical outlook of the art that you’re looking at, it will just seem more compelling in general. A Renaissance painting of a woman drinking wine while dramatically pulling a sword on her husband will go from “this is boring” to “me tho, I feel you girl.”

4. When You Want to Elevate Your Music Experience

Weed makes all music more enjoyable. It’s even capable of making Crazy Frog by Axel F bearable. The connection between weed and music has been a longstanding one. It dates back to the origins of jazz in the late 1900s. It’s believed that weed’s impact on your perception of time makes it feel like it’s passing slower. It also drives your focus to nothing else besides the music, allowing you to hear rhythms and instruments that you would have otherwise never picked up on. This is why you’ll see that a lot of musicians smoke weed to aid with writing music, allowing them to create more complex pieces.

Weed is also a huge staple of music festivals. That pretty much goes without saying. If you attend any type of music festival, just look around and you’ll see that almost everyone is passing a joint. This also has to do with how weed increases your appreciation for art and music as previously mentioned. So if you’re a struggling artist having difficulty perfecting your latest song, or you’re simply a music enthusiast at a festival, consider weed to heighten your creativity and appreciation of the art.

5. When You’re Feeling Philosophical

Weed continues to come in handy when you need to contemplate the mysteries of the universe. It’s good for all means of such introspection: establishing whether or not there is a higher power, why blue raspberry isn’t an actual kind of produce, where all the lost socks go, how Stonehenge got there, why people care about it, really it’s just a bunch of big rocks, if there’s an afterlife, what does Elon Musk think about when he’s high? Weed can answer all of these questions or at least make you content enough that you don’t care to dwell on them anymore.

This is because weed increases that neural activity in your frontal cortex, which controls everything from personality to problem-solving. The THC in weed allows for this part of your brain to form new connections and pathways for thought. It even increases your ability to associate different words. This all allows you to contemplate even more deeply. Ever notice that when you smoke weed, suddenly you’ve entered a MacGyver mindset and also have about five entrepreneurial ideas pop into your head that would definitely give you returns by Quarter 4? That frontal cortex stimulation is why.

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How Weed Can Affect OCD

A Beginner’s Guide to Treating OCD with Marijuana

Canadians, rejoice! With the passing of the Cannabis Act, marijuana has become legal (cue the sound of lighters lighting and champagne bottles popping). Citizens across the country are finally able to (legally) embrace the plant for its multitude of uses and benefits. Some choose to grow a few plants in their backyard (individuals are able to grow up to four plants for personal/recreational use). Others are simply taking advantage of being able to smoke freely in the comfort of their own homes. Some may even enjoy being able to walk freely into a dispensary or buy online without the hassle of meeting up with a dealer. With the Cannabis Act in effect, the possibilities are endless. Another way that Canadians are taking advantage of this much-anticipated legalization is by using cannabis for its medicinal benefits.

In this article, we’re going to focus on those who utilize marijuana to treat conditions related to OCD, and how exactly the chemical makeup of marijuana is able to treat these conditions in the first place.

What is OCD?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, commonly referred to as OCD, affects about 2.2 million adults worldwide. It doesn’t discriminate based on gender and most commonly develops after the age of 19. It’s a type of anxiety disorder that brings unwanted, recurring thoughts, obsessions, sensations, or ideas that make you do something compulsively and repeatedly. These behaviors can be like counting your steps as you walk, wanting to wash your hands all the time, and going to make sure that the back door was locked ten separate times before going to bed.

Don’t get these habits confused with routines and personal hygiene preferences, though. When these urges arise within someone who is dealing with OCD, they’re completely unwarranted and hard to control. These behaviours become obsessive when they start to interfere with your everyday life.

Types of OCD

OCD behaviours typically fall into one of these four categories:

Hoarding – This is the inability to get rid of possessions, even if the items are completely useless (feeling the need to own 14 umbrellas, not wanting to throw trash away, etc.)

Contamination – This is a big fear of germs. Those who deal with this always want to wash things or clean with the fear that something “dirty” may get them sick or kill them. It’s also common for individuals who experience this to follow a strict routine and keep themselves very orderly.

Checking – These individuals feel the need to check possessions or their homes to prevent fire, theft, or damage. These individuals typically need constant reassurance, have extreme tension, and feel like nothing is ever “right”. An example of this may be checking that your keys are in your pocket seven times even though you know that you haven’t taken them out.

Intrusive Thoughts – This is when unwanted thoughts or images constantly distress or disturb the person suffering from OCD. These can be bad thoughts about other people, sexualized thoughts, violent thoughts, or fears that aren’t even rational.

Although every person is different, most of those who suffer from OCD tend to be depressed, feel powerless, have low self-esteem, and isolate themselves.

How Can Marijuana Help Treat OCD

Managing OCD can take years to master. The most common type of OCD treatment is cognitive-behavioural therapy which works on training the brain with exposure response and prevention to help some of these obsessions lessen or disappear altogether. Some may opt for medication or general therapy sessions instead. Since managing OCD can be very difficult, many choose to just utilize multiple tools to keep symptoms at bay. This is where medical marijuana can provide some relief.

Clinical Evidence

Marijuana has been used for centuries to treat medical issues including anxiety-related disorders. SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are the conventional medications used to treat those who have anxiety. SSRIs target areas of the brain and tell the brain to produce more serotonin, a chemical responsible for regulating an overall sense of well-being and happiness. Marijuana works similarly in conjunction with a substance known as anandamide. Anandamine produces a calming effect throughout the body when it reacts with THC, helping to reduce anxiety. When anxiety is reduced, so are compulsive urges and thoughts. When used in conjunction with other treatments such as prescription medications, marijuana provides a benefit because it is known to help with nausea, a common side effect of meds.

How Much is the Right Dose?

Some people tend to have heightened anxiety or feel paranoid while they’re high, and it may prevent a user from consuming marijuana altogether. Although this is true, it has been found that this paranoia is only because the user is consuming too much THC. When only a small amount is consumed, a vast majority of people actually see their anxiety levels decrease. Some people may try microdosing (consuming very small amounts throughout the day) to see how it impacts their anxiety. The amount must be enough to feel a real change or sensation but not enough to actually get you high. Less really is more when it comes to microdosing weed.


To avoid all of the trial and error of how much to take without putting your anxiety too far out of whack, another option to consider is utilizing CBD through CBD-only products. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in marijuana that helps to calm you down and give you happy thoughts without having the ability to get you “high.” The high that users experience when they smoke marijuana comes from the compound THC, so if you’re hesitant to try marijuana because you don’t want to get high, CBD is the perfect option.

The world is finally starting to take notice of CBD and a lot of CBD products have recently come to market that are great alternatives for helping your anxiety. Whether you’re vaping CBD oil, mixing some CBD isolate powder in with your smoothies or eating CBD-infused gummy bears, these are all great options to put your mind at ease and help relieve those OCD behaviours.

Best Methods of Treatment with Marijuana

Just as you would try a variety of strains to figure out which one will help your OCD the best, the same applies to trying different forms of consumption. There are many ways in which you can consume marijuana. The most common ways that people consume marijuana for OCD are:

  • Vaporizing
  • Smoking
  • Tinctures (liquids)
  • Edibles
  • Transdermal Patches

If you’re not sure where to begin when treating your OCD with marijuana, we recommend speaking with a doctor or an experienced marijuana employee such as someone who works for a dispensary (a budtender). They’ll both be able to point you in the right direction about which strains will benefit you the most along with which form of consumption you should try and the proper dosage.

About Terra

If you’re searching for a place to buy marijuana online, look no further. Terra is Canada’s leading online marijuana dispensary that ships directly to you, no matter where you are in the country. We provide fast and discreet shipping on all of our products. Ordering with us is as simple as signing up for an account, placing your order, and submitting payment via e-transfer.

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How Does Marijuana Help With Headaches?

How Does Marijuana Help with Headaches?

Marijuana has been used as a form of medicinal relief for thousands of years. Its benefits have proven to be successful at treating a wide variety of ailments, neurological disorders, and diseases whose symptoms prevent the affected person from going about their normal day-to-day activities. Medical marijuana use is more commonly being recognized and accepted throughout the world, with people most commonly hearing of marijuana’s medicinal properties being used to relieve pain. In this article, we will focus our attention on how marijuana use helps to treat headache pain, but let’s first recognize how exactly marijuana is able to ease pain in the first place.

What is Pain, Anyway?

Pain is felt when the nerve fibers in the body send signals through the spinal chord to the brain to indicate that something is going wrong. The pain is considered the main defense mechanism of the body to prevent further injury when any form of tissue damage occurs. The experience of pain is completely unique per person and there are different ways to feel and describe pain. If you’ve ever found yourself trying to explain pain to a doctor, you know how difficult it can be to convey exactly what you’re feeling. Additionally, it can be very difficult to pinpoint a source of pain, making it even harder to treat properly.

In some cases, pain is referred to as a psychological phenomenon. This means that the more a person focuses on the pain that they are experiencing, the more severe that pain feels. Symptoms can be toned down in this case by finding a distraction. Have you ever felt pain, such as stubbing your toe, and pinched your arm to make the pain in your foot less-severe? If not, you should try it next time. For some reason, it’s almost as if you can relocate some of the pain that you’re feeling in your body to a different area.

How Does Marijuana Relieve Pain?

The compounds in the cannabis plant are what help with the treatment of pain, diseases, and other ailments once introduced into the body. The two main compounds are THC and CBD. THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is the most common cannabinoid in the marijuana plant. It is the compound that produces psychoactive effects and makes the user feel “high” when picked up by the neurotransmitters in the brain. It also plays a big role in pain relief, increasing appetite, and reducing nausea. The second main compound in the cannabis plant is CBD which is short for cannabidiol. CBD doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects like THC but is also great for pain management, reducing inflammation, and providing mental health benefits.

How Does Marijuana Help Relieve Headache Pain

Headaches are one of the most common types of medical complaints. They tend to affect everyone at some point, regardless of age, race, and gender. In fact, almost half of the worldwide population experiences a headache in any given year.

It can also be really difficult to figure out why you’re experiencing a headache in the first place. A Twitter user said it perfectly:

Typically, headaches are caused by overactivity of structures in the head that are pain-sensitive. This involves the muscles, blood vessels, and nerves in the head and neck. Headaches may also stem from changes in the chemical activity of the brain.

When marijuana is consumed, the parts of your brain affiliated with motivation and reward are more active. The brain starts to release reward-driven neurotransmitters, giving you a sense of euphoria. THC and CBD are able to suppress pain through a few different mechanisms like reducing inflammation, providing you with a bit of relief. Additionally, the “high” that comes from THC makes it easier for you to get distracted, thus eliminating that psychological phenomenon as previously mentioned.

There are many different methods of consumption for treating pain. The most common forms are smoking the herb itself, consuming pills, extracts, liquids, tinctures, applying topicals and patches, and vaporizing the herb or isolated liquid.

Treating Migraines

Migraines are much more intense than your average headache. The pain they produce is generally on the moderate to severe side and they tend to come with many other symptoms such as nausea, seeing spots or flashing lights, sensitivity to light or sound, vomiting, and temporary vision loss. Some people experience migraine headaches so severe that they seek out emergency medical assistance. Simply put: migraines are no joke. Medical marijuana can help.

It Really Works

In 2016, a study was conducted that evaluated 121 adults who experienced migraines and used medical marijuana to try and relieve their symptoms. The study found that, on average, those who suffered from migraines had their migraine frequency decrease from 10.4 migraines per month to 4.6 migraines per month due to the use of medical marijuana. A second study in 2017 found that, of those who were given a regulated dose of medical marijuana, 43.5% saw a reduction in pain intensity.

Marijuana vs Pain Medications: Which is Better?

I bet you’re wondering why someone would choose medical marijuana over pain medications when Tylenol and Advil tend to do the trick. Sometimes, traditional pain medications aren’t enough, and medical marijuana proves to be a much healthier and safer alternative. There are a few points to back up this claim.

First, marijuana isn’t addictive like pain meds. The world is currently experiencing an opioid epidemic, where 21% to 29% of those who are prescribed opioids for pain tend to misuse them. This can lead to an accidental overdose and even death. A study proved that the use of cannabis was affiliated with a 64% decrease in opiate medication use in patients who suffered from chronic pain. Even if you’re consuming an over the counter medication like Tylenol, there’s still a risk of potential overdose. Additionally, cannabis doesn’t come along with any of the dangerous side effects that pain meds can bring. The chronic use of some pain medications can be bad for your internal organs and lead to brain damage, kidney damage, liver damage, and damage to the lining of your stomach.

When an individual is experiencing moderate to severe headache pain, such as a migraine, sometimes traditional pain medications simply can’t provide necessary pain relief without the risk of overdosing. In this case, marijuana is the much safer option.


The results speak for themselves. Marijuana has proven to be a solid treatment for the pain relief of regular and migraine headaches. Some of you may be hesitant to try medical marijuana for fear of getting “high” but don’t worry, you can certainly opt for a CBD-only marijuana alternative. There are many CBD-only products available on the market that can help relieve headache symptoms such as vaporizers, tinctures (liquid extracts) for food, lotions to be applied to the skin (forehead) and isolate powders that can be mixed into foods and drinks.

If you’re looking to try marijuana for medicinal purposes for the first time, be sure to talk to your doctor first. With so many options out there, your doctor will be able to help you figure out the proper dosage along with which method of consumption will be most beneficial for your specific needs. Your doctor may even be able to recommend specific strains of marijuana that are better for pain relief (i.e. those containing higher levels of the CBD compound.) If your doctor doesn’t have an answer for you about the best strains, marijuana professionals who work at dispensaries will certainly be able to help.

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Why Dating A Stoner Is The Best

Why Dating A Stoner Is The Best

Are you in the market for a companion? Maybe the onset of Autumn has initiated your hunt for a cuffing season partner. You’d be surprised to learn that a stoner can play the part of a loyal companion quite well. Stoners tend to get a bad rap–often labeled as lazy, messy, unemployed, and perpetually high. Stereotypes aside, these are typically not the case. If you’re lucky enough to come across a cute and unclaimed stoner, these 10 reasons will surely be enough to persuade you to snatch them up.

Everyone knows that stoners are often laid-back, creative types, but many of their other quirks and traits tend to go unnoticed or underappreciated. Ensure yourself a lifetime of good sleep and free tree by joining forces with a fellow lover of the herb.

1. You’ll Never Be Bored

As long as the supply of marijuana is flowing, you’ll never be bored. In fact, almost everything feels better when you’re high. Sex is better while high, food tastes better while high, and bad Netflix movies even seem better while high. You’ll never have to face a dull moment and you’ll learn to appreciate the smaller beauties of life, like enjoying a relaxing day doing absolutely nothing at the beach or around the house. Even if you find yourself doing absolutely nothing, your minds will be uplifted and euphoric, keeping you occupied at least beneath the surface.

2. Never Go Hungry Again

As the colder months roll in, people tend to have less energy. Grocery shopping swiftly loses all appeal and thought of preparing a meal sounds like a complex task. Save yourself a trip to the store in the blistering cold and hunker down with a stoner who will lavish an excessive amount of pizza and munchies from their personal stash. The stereotypes that stoners have large appetites exist for a reason. The THC in marijuana interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain that deal with hunger. The more you smoke, the hungrier you’ll be, and by dating a stoner, you’ll remorselessly indulge in all kinds of treats because you’re doing it together. Ensure you’re fed with not just the food you want, but the food you deserve by dating a stoner.

3. Winter is Coming

Temperatures are dropping and cuffing season is approaching. Those who would rather be single find themselves, along with everyone else, desiring to be tied down or “cuffed” by a relationship to make prolonged indoor activities more bearable. A stoner partner is the ideal candidate for a cuffing partner. Who else is going to cuddle with you and watch movies, your cat? Cats are a great alternative, but not enough to combat the feeling of perpetual wintertime loneliness. A stoner will make a great Netflix and chill partner. They’ll also love to join you for wintertime activities such as building a snowman or going ice skating. Let’s not forget to mention that the holidays are coming up, and your family is bound to ask you why you’re not seeing anyone (and why you’re not married yet, and why you chose to go to school for that art degree.) Prevent at least one of those terrible conversations from occurring by having a stoner partner at your side.

4. They Always Have Weed

While this may seem pretty obvious, we can’t stress the importance of it enough. A stoner is always prepared. Do you hate having to buy weed for yourself or going to buy weed alone? Dating a stoner can circumvent those troubles because they’ll always have their own weed, and will love to share it with you because stoners are generous by nature. If you run out, and you just want to cuddle up with your partner-in-crime on the couch, don’t forget that you can always purchase marijuana online to be delivered right to your doorstep.

5. They Know How to Laugh and Will Think You’re Hilarious

Simply put, if you’re dating a stoner, the two of you will always be laughing, and laughter is one of the most important factors to a successful relationship. If you aren’t able to laugh with your significant other, it puts a strain on the relationship. And let’s not forget that weed tends to make everything funny, so even if you’re not actually a funny person, the weed will help make you seem like you are, giving you points in your significant other’s eyes.

6. They’re Great Listeners and Won’t Judge

Stoners don’t require an excessive amount of stimulation to live in the moment. You won’t need to plan any extravagant activities to keep them be happy; they’ll be content just spending time with you and listening to what you have to say. Want to vent about something to someone who may instantly forget everything you just said? This is where a stoner comes in.

You’ll always find a sympathetic ear in your partner, who is content to sit cross-legged with a blunt and discuss any number of topics. Stoners also tend to think more philosophically, so if you’re ready to go on a rant about conspiracy theories or the meaning of life, a set of stoner ears will be there for you and ready to listen.

7. They Have Great Taste in Music

It’s common knowledge that stoners have the best taste in music, but why is that so? There’s a meditative aspect of getting high. You need to be able to achieve a certain level of feng shui to fully set the mood and enjoy your high to the greatest extent, and that can’t be achieved with Nickelback’s 2005 album All the Right Reasons. With that being said, stoners tend to have great taste in music, transcending the surface area of sound and getting into the more complex rhythms of higher-quality, methodical music. Music also just sounds way better when you’re high, so you need to find the tunes that give you the most enlightenment.

8. They Don’t Require Much to be Happy

Weed smokers aren’t typically high-maintenance individuals. As we’ve said, as long as you have some conversation going, some good food, or an interesting movie to watch, you’ll both be content. Life’s simple pleasures will feel much more enjoyable all thanks to mary jane. Also, according to Harvard Medical School, those who smoke marijuana tend to have reduced anxiety in the long-term, improving overall mood. What more could you ask for?

9. No Such Thing as an Awkward Silence

Don’t you hate the stress of combating awkward silence when you first enter a relationship? Do you get anxious trying to come up with witty things to say to impress your new significant other? This can all be avoided by dating a stoner because they’re completely fine with sitting in total silence. Sometimes when you’re high, your mind wanders off to another place. Maybe you’re sorting out a philosophical epiphany in their head, or you just found a strain of weed that made you feel complacent. There is never pressure to continue a conversation or keep each other distracted because stoners are quite comfortable with just being in each other’s presence and enjoying each other’s company.

10. When It’s Over, It’s Over

When your relationship comes to an end, don’t expect your stoner ex to stalk you or try to get back together with you. Stoners are incredibly decisive people and have limited room to put up with nonsense. They have plenty of time to talk about what they need and want from you, and if they find that those needs aren’t being fulfilled, they’ll be on their way.

So, to those who are apprehensive to enter a relationship with a stoner, maybe these reasons have convinced you otherwise. If these reasons haven’t convinced you, maybe you just need to be the stoner in the relationship yourself. But first, you’ll need a reliable source of bud. Check out Terra online to meet all of your marijuana-related inclinations and become a sought-after stoner partner yourself!  


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A Timeline to Recreational Marijuana Legalization in Canada

A Timeline To Recreational Marijuana Legalization In Canada

It’s official, Canada has legalized the use of recreational marijuana. The bill went into effect October 17th, 2018, as dispensaries opened their doors to long lines of adoring marijuana fans. Canada is only the second country to fully legalize marijuana behind Uruguay, making the decision one for the history books.

Popular opinion on marijuana has been shifting for some time now, and it seems that worldwide legalization is on the horizon, but Canada’s affair with cannabis hasn’t always been so copacetic. Here’s a timeline of landmark events in Canada’s history with marijuana and how its lead to its legalization this year.

The 1800’s: Canada Incentivises Hemp

Like all good stories, it starts with hemp. Grown under the French regime, it was the first crop to be subsidized by the Canadian government in an attempt to stimulate the economy and end Canada’s dependence on foreign power. In 1801, the governor of Upper Canada handed out hemp seeds to farmers to try and incentivize industry growth. Canada is still the biggest producer of hemp seeds today.


The early 1900’s: Canada Prohibits Marijuana

In 1923, the government introduced the Act to Prohibit Improper Use of Opium and Other Drugs, including marijuana on the list of illegal “drugs.” This act was the start of a slew of legislation opposing cannabis in Canada. The Opium and Narcotic Drug Act followed in 1929 and warranted harsher penalties for offenders. However, the first seizure of marijuana by officials was made in 1937.

1960’s-70’s: Canadians want Cannabis

The anti-establishment movement of the 60’s spawned the use of many psychedelic substances, including marijuana. Hippies and stoners alike readily used cannabis even though the government continued to maintain strict policies. This resulted in a drastic increase in marijuana-related arrests and convictions. Between 1930 and 1940, there were only 32 marijuana-related convictions, but by 1972 the number of cases had skyrocketed to nearly 12,000.

At this point, the Canadian government could no longer ignore the pervasive effects of cannabis on its citizens, and in 1969, the Royal Commission of Inquiry in the Non-Medical Use of Drugs was formed. This commission was meant to investigate the use of recreational drugs and how best to regulate them. The investigation concluded that the government should focus more on marijuana’s medical use, and scale back on drug-related charges. Unfortunately, the government did not reform their drug policies, and further backlash ensued.

In 1971, a “smoke-in” was staged in Vancouver as a peaceful protest against Canada’s anti-cannabis laws. Things quickly turned violent, as Canadian police on horseback forcefully cleared peaceful protestors with riot batons. Unfortunately, the protest did not insight much attention from the Canadian government, and tensions continued between marijuana friendly citizens and law enforcement.

Early 2000’s: Canada Considers Legalization

In 1996, an epileptic cannabis patient, Terrence Parker was arrested for growing and using marijuana to treat his condition. Parker appealed his arrest to the Canadian Charter of rights and freedom, and the judged ruled in his favor. This ruling prompted the Ontario Court of Appeal to decree that cannabis prohibition was unconstitutional in 2000, and highlighted to the Canadian government that cannabis reform was necessary.

In 2001, Canada became the first country to make medical marijuana legal. The Marihuana For Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) were enacted, citing that licensed patients could use and cultivate cannabis for medical purposes. Following this decision, efforts were made to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana for personal use, but the bill was killed in 2003 thanks to pressure from the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

2010’s:  The Legal Future of Cannabis in Canada

Justin Trudeau wins the 2015 election for Prime Minister and promises to legalize recreational marijuana. In late 2016, the Canadian government updated their medical marijuana guidelines by enacting the Access to Cannabis For Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). This granted physicians the ability to prescribe medical marijuana to patients regardless of a government license.

A poll conducted in 2016 found that 7/10 Canadians were pro-legalization of recreational marijuana. On April 13th, 2017, a bill for legalization was presented to the Canadian parliament that would allow marijuana possession for individuals 18 years and older, with province autonomy for specific regulations of sales and use.

Finally, in June 2018, the bill was passed by both the senate and house of commons, making the sale, cultivation, and possession of recreational marijuana legal in Canada. A true victory in the name of cannabis, hopefully, Canada’s progressive stance will inspire other countries and lead to universal legalization in the near future.

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If you’re searching for a place to buy marijuana online, look no further. Terra is Canada’s leading online marijuana dispensary that ships directly to you, no matter where you are in the country. We provide fast and discreet shipping on all of our products. Ordering with us is as simple as signing up for an account, placing your order, and submitting payment via e-transfer.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Candy

A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Candy

There are many methods in which you can consume cannabis. Many like to smoke flower through pipes, joints, or blunts. Others prefer to vaporize the flower to remove some of the harsher effects of smoking. But what about those who don’t like to burn and inhale the smoke, or simply aren’t able to due to medical reasons? There is another option for consuming marijuana that’s gaining wider popularity, and it’s in the form of edibles.

What are Edibles?

Edibles are cannabis-infused food products containing THC and CBD that you can eat or drink. Many people choose to consume cannabis in edible form as opposed to other forms because it’s much more discreet that way. There’s no smoke, smell, or coughing involved with its consumption. You’re able to get your fix wherever you are by simply taking a bite or a drink of what appears to be normal-looking food. Another reason why people choose to turn to edibles is that the effects last much longer when compared to the effects you receive after smoking.

Edibles can be made with basically any food but are most commonly found in the form of cookies, snacks, candies, teas, and spreads. That’s right–brownies aren’t the only foods that can be infused with cannabis. In this article, we’re going to focus on popular edible candies and chocolates.

What is Cannabis Candy and How Does it Work?

Cannabis candy is just what it sounds like–it’s candy containing cannabis! When the candy is introduced into your system, it enters your body through two ways. First, when the candy begins to dissolve in your mouth, the cannabidiol (CBD) that it contains is absorbed into your bloodstream through the ducts under your tongue in what is called “oral uptake”. When the candy continues to dissolve in your stomach after being swallowed, the candy is digested and absorbed into your bloodstream in what is called “gastrointestinal uptake”. This causes the effects of the cannabis to last longer due to the slower onset time and the more in-depth processing by your body.

Cannabis Candies

You can find a wide variety of cannabis candy options with the most common types being gummies, jellies, and chocolates. We are lucky enough to offer a few of these products on our website and have chosen some of our favorites for you guys, separated by category.


When you think about how traditional edibles are created, the terms “cannabutter” and “cannabis oil” may pop into your head. These substances come about when marijuana’s ingredients are cooked down and infused into butter and oil, and then used in the traditional baking process. But gummies don’t contain oil or butter, so how can they successfully be created?

Gummies are made by combining corn syrup, food coloring, water, sugar, and the flavoring of your choice with dry powdered marijuana. The mix is then heated to 300 degrees to fully melt together into one cohesive substance and poured into molds to harden. After the molds cool, you are left with delicious cannabis infused gummies. Unlike a traditional bag of fruit snack gummies, these are generally taken in doses of one or two at a time.

We offer a few gummy options in our marketplace:


These are a likeliness of the classic Caramels candy and are a great choice for all caramel lovers. Each bag of Caramelts contains seven individually-wrapped 10mg servings that have 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD. These sweet treats will leave you feeling happy, energetic, uplifted, euphoric, and creative.

Jelly Bombs

Twisted Extracts has come out with Jelly Bombs–lego-shaped jelly candies infused with delicious fruity flavors and packed with the wonderful effects of cannabis. These jellies are great for depression, stress, fatigue, pain, and lack of appetite. Each package contains eight 10mg doses.

Currently, we offer four flavors:

  • Mango – A hybrid containing 10mg of THC per serving
  • Orange – A hybrid containing 10mg of THC per serving
  • Peach – Contains 10mg of CBD per serving
  • Pineapple – Contains 10mg of CBD per serving

Cannabis Chocolates


What would cannabis candy be without chocolate? The health benefits of chocolate have come to light during recent years and proven that the substance may offer more than just tending to a broken heart. Chocolate contains antioxidants that help your cells stay strong, while also improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure. So when you combine the power of chocolate with the power of cannabis, great things can happen.

We know that no two chocolates are alike, so we’re sure to offer many different options to satisfy any chocolate lover’s sweet tooth:

  • Mini Chocolate Bars – Containing 40mg per bar, these will leave you feeling happy and euphoric. We offer four different flavors: Coconut Almond, Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond, White Choco Cookie, and Belgain Chocolate Cookie Crumble.
  • Peanut Butter Cups – Containing 40mg per piece, these offer a generous amount of all-natural peanut butter surrounded by a Cacao Barry Superior Chocolate. You’ll feel a body-balanced, mentally uplifting effect. We offer both Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.
  • Chocolate Skull – Because, why not eat a chocolate bar that’s shaped like a spooky skull? Each white chocolate skull contains 100mg of THC, so we recommend trying out a small piece and seeing how you feel after an hour before indulging in the entire thing.
  • Koffee Crisp – Herbivore Edibles gives the classic treat we all know and love a cannabis-infused twist. Each package contains two bars and each bar is packed with 50mg of THC. We recommend that first time users start with half of one bar and wait an hour to see if more is needed.
  • Ponder Bar – Herbivore Edibles delivers another cannabis-infused twist on a classic bar–this time with the Wonder Bar. Each package comes with two bars that contain 50mg of THC each. We recommend that first time users start with half of one bar and wait an hour to see if more is needed.

Other Marijuana-Infused Foods

As previously mentioned, you can find edibles in any kind of form. We offer a few other edibles in the form of snacks and spreads that any cannabis advocate can enjoy.


Our Twinkies come in packs of two and are loaded with 100mg of THC. These cream-filled, fluffy cakes are a sweet way to indulge your sweet tooth when you’re having a “treat yourself” moment or just want to celebrate one of life’s greatest junk foods.


Brownies, the most well-known form of edibles, are a great choice if you’re looking to medicate on the go with a bit of dessert. Their light, delicious, and potent consistency will leave you wanting a scoop of vanilla ice cream to go with them. Each square contains 125mg of THC, so we recommend having a small piece and waiting an hour before indulging in the entire thing.

Crispy Rice Squares

Snap, crackle, and pop these into your mouth if you’re looking for another great, classic edible snack option. Available in both classic and chocolate, these squares contain 150mg of THC each.


What if we told you that you could have edibles with breakfast? It’s true. We offer cannabis-infused spreads that make an excellent addition to toast, english muffins, or pretty much any other item that you’d top with a spread. Some of our favorites are infused honey which contains 300mg of THC per jar, and infused peanut butter and hazelnut spreads (a great Nutella alternative) which both offer 500mg of THC per jar.

Where to Begin With Cannabis Candy

Everyone feels the effects of marijuana differently. Some people have naturally higher tolerances while others require a much lower dose to feel the effects of cannabis. Age, body type, gender, metabolism, and health all come into play. When it comes to cannabis candy, it is recommended that you start with a low dose to gauge your tolerance. Someone who may be able to smoke a lot before feeling marijuana’s effects may only need a small dose of edibles to get high, which is why it’s safer to start lower.

About Terra

If you’re searching for a place to buy marijuana online, look no further. Terra is Canada’s leading online marijuana dispensary that ships directly to you, no matter where you are in the country. We provide fast and discreet shipping on all of our products. Ordering with us is as simple as signing up for an account, placing your order, and submitting payment via e-transfer.

Check out our wide selection of flower, concentrates, edibles, and vape pens. If you’re having trouble deciding or have questions about any of our marijuana products, hit us up and we’d be happy to lend a hand.

New Era at Terra

Terra Cannabis Update

We are excited to announce that Terra Cannabis has joined in partnership with one of the most successful and innovative licensed producers of cannabis in Canada: Indigenous Bloom.

Indigenous Bloom is currently operating four stores across Canada and will open multiple Terra Cannabis retail locations across the country. Stay tuned for updates on the new Indigenous Bloom website, which is coming soon.

To add to the good news, we will soon be shipping out of Eastern Canada, which will significantly cut down on shipping times for our customers. Also, we will soon be accepting all major credit cards.

Thank you to all of our customers for your continued support, and Indigenous Bloom for making this all possible. We remain committed to providing the highest quality cannabis products in Canada!