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Cannabis Shortages After Legalization

Just a few weeks after Canada’s milestone legalization of recreational marijuana, dispensaries all over Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick are cutting back hours or temporarily shutting down due to low cannabis supplies. This raises a lot of questions about the future of the cannabis industry in Canada and other countries looking to follow their lead. It seems that the transition from prohibition to legalization is much more complicated than simply amending and enforcing laws and regulations, and although upsetting for many Canadian stoners, this dry spell does not come as a complete shock.

Why is there a marijuana shortage?

Experts are blaming the shortages partly on a miscalculation of demand. Marijuana has been illegal in Canada since the early 1900’s, and although it has become more accepted in the medical community over the last decade, full legalization is still widely uncharted territory. Canada is only the second country ever to fully legalize marijuana, and after such a long period of prohibition, it was difficult for the government to accurately estimate what products would be in highest demand.

This has been reflected in their licensing process, with only 132 producers approved so far.  Of the 132, only 78 of them have received full sales licenses. It no surprise that a bottleneck would arise when there are such a limited amount of wholesale producers legally in business. Furthermore, many of these producing facilities have not yet reached full growth capacity, as they were not issued their licenses early enough, prior to legalization day.

Now that many of these facilities have been completely stripped of their available cannabis stock, all they can do is wait for more plants to grow. It is clear that the slow-churn of bureaucracy has had a direct effect on the supply and demand of cannabis in Canada, and with the explosion in demand since October 17th, these shortages may last longer than we hope.

Regardless of who or what is at fault, dearth marijuana supplies have pushed many users back into the clutches of the black market, reaching out to dealers and illegal delivery services to get their high. This, unfortunately, is exactly what the Canadian government was trying to avoid by legalizing cannabis, suggesting that further reform of regulation and producer licensing may be necessary.

Who is most affected?

The biggest shortages have been seen in the eastern provinces, including Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick. Days after legalization, dispensaries in Quebec were forced to turn away customers who had been waiting in line for hours. The province has been forced to shut-down their 12 government-run dispensaries for 3 full days each week to deal with the cannabis crisis.

In Ontario, which sells marijuana exclusively online, many dispensary website servers were over-flooded with orders, resulting in glitches, sold-out products, and website crashes in some cases. Many dispensaries are completely back-logged in orders, forced to issue refunds amidst the chaos.

Limited supplies have also lead to high conflict between dispensaries as they all struggle to get their hands on any product, sighting reform of regulations in Alberta. Alberta gaming, liquor, and cannabis have made it so dispensaries are no longer allowed to order wholesale cannabis online, and need to fill out orders manually, in the hopes that this will make the rationing of supplies fairer.

So where can I buy cannabis?

Many law-abiding stoners have turned to online dispensaries for their fix, even crashing a few sites with the influx of web traffic. Some of these online stores have also been affected by the shortages, leaving online consumers with a more limited selection of cannabis products than usual. Luckily for dispensaries like Terra, the producers work more exclusively and therefore are not as affected by the scarcity. So, where can you buy cannabis? Click here to view all our available flower products.

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