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Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ

The legal age to buy cannabis in most provinces is 19 and it is now 21 in Quebec.

We usually have orders out for delivery within 24 hours. In rare cases of holidays or special sales, processing times can be between 3-5 days. 

Orders are not shipped on weekends and are not packaged on Canadian holidays and other instances in which the postal services are closed. All of our products are shipped through The National Postal System in Canada.

We ship products anywhere in Canada from British Columbia. Shipping costs vary depending on times and shipping destinations. Free shipping is offered on orders over $150.

We also offer local delivery within 24 hours for British Columbia in any of the following postal codes:

  • V4T Westbank
  • V1Y Central
  • V1P East
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  • V1V North
  • V1W Southwest
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  • V4V Lake Country

Local delivery is available Monday through Friday. Orders made before 11 am will be delivered the same day and any orders after 11 am will be delivered the following day.

At this time, we only accept Interac E-transfer payments and Bitcoin. Visit our how to pay page for more information on how to sign up for Interac E-transfer payments.

We do not offer refunds. If we determine that we made a mistake or the product we sent you is defective, we will be happy to provide you with store credit or replacement product.

If you receive a defective or the wrong product, please let us know within seven days so we can investigate right away. After being reviewed by our management team a credit or replacement product will be issued.

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Product FAQ

Terra offers a wide range of products for recreational and medicinal purposes. It is important to do some research on what products are right for you. Our blog is a great resource for information on cannabis and psilocybin and best practices for a safe and rewarding experience.

Depending on your intended use of cannabis, both THC and CBD have great benefits. CBD is the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis with anti-inflammatory properties for pain relief and is used to treat anxiety and depression.

THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that gives users uplifting feelings of euphoria, which is also used to treat pain, anxiety, and depression. In high doses, THC can cause feelings of paranoia and anxiety, so it is best to start small to see what your body can handle.
This depends on why you would like to use cannabis. If you are looking for a relaxed high at the end of the day, then an indica would be the best option. If you are looking for a more uplifting, energetic high, than sativa should be your choice.

Hybrid strains are a combination of sativa and indica and have a more balanced CBD to THC ratio which gives you a little bit of both effects. We have a blog post that goes more in depth on the difference between indica and sativa and the benefits of each.

A recommended dosage to start off with is 1 to 5 mg of THC. More experienced users may take up to 100 mg edibles depending on tolerance and other physical factors.

Edibles affect everyone differently. The high from edibles can be overwhelming for some of the most seasoned cannabis users due to many factors, which we breakdown in this blog post.

Taking mushrooms is an experience like no other and can have amazing personal benefits, but at the same time can be overwhelming for some. Mushrooms is all about set and setting. The set is your mindset, and the setting is the physical and social environment.

Before taking mushrooms, make sure you are in the right state of mind for a psychedelic experience. As for the setting, it is important to be in a comfortable place with the right people around you. Having a friend be a trip sitter is also recommended to ensure everyone is safe and having fun.

The dosage depends on the individual’s experience level, and the intended experience wanted. A microdose will not alter your thoughts and perception intensely but will open your mind and possibly make you more creative and productive. A low dose to moderate dose will alter your thoughts and perceptions but you will still maintain a contact with reality. A high dose is only recommended for experienced people because of the intensity of the trip. This is a good idea of how to dose out your shrooms:

  • Microdose: 0.1 – 0.5 grams
  • Low Dose: 0.5 – 2 grams
  • Moderate Dose: 2 – 3.5 grams
  • High Dose: 3.5 – 5 grams and above

Cannabis concentrates are a potent product made from extracting THC from marijuana. The extraction process can either be done using a solvent or solventless extraction method. Concentrates come in many different forms, from hard glass-like structures to soft buttery wax. We created a beginner’s guide to concentrates for a more in depth overview.

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found within marijuana plants and concentrates that give each strain its unique smell. With over 100 different terpenes found in the cannabis plant, researchers continue to study and learn more about the plant and its components.

The most common way to consume resin is by dabbing in a rig or vaping in a dab pen. If using an enail, the best temperature to dab at is 350°F to 450°F to preserve the terpenes and flavors.

The most common way to use shatter is by dabbing in a rig or in a dab pen. Shatter is a hard glass-like concentrate, so it will have to be broken or crumbled into small pieces to use in a rig or dab pen. The recommended temperature to dab shatter is 350°F to 450°F to preserve the terpenes and flavors.

Shatter can also be crumbled and mixed in with weed in joints or blunts, but this is less common.
Sugar wax is best consumed by dabbing in a rig or vaping in a dab pen. Sugar wax has a complex terpene and flavor profile, so it is best to dab at low temperatures around 350°F to 450°F to preserve the terpenes and flavors.