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Here at Terra we’ve been so impressed with the creativity of cannabis producers and entrepreneurs. The market has seen so many new products in the past few months it’s been hard to keep up with what’s hot right now. There has been some insane new products coming onto the market all over Canada and the States.  A product in particular that even Snoop Dogg has been preaching for its potency, is called Moon Rocks and its more potent sibling, Sun Rocks.

Sun Rocks are Moon Rocks’ more potent cousins. At least, according to Snoop Dogg. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Snoop admitted that Sun Rocks were too strong for him. He explains,


“Once the growers started to think about the THC level was what induces the high, it would be like 15 percent THC, 20 percent at the most.

These fools with the Moon Rock went to 60 percent THC. Sun Rocks went to 80 percent!”


Smoking Sun Rocks takes a little tenderness. These buds should not be placed in a grinder, as the device will butcher the concentrate and kief-laden buds. Instead, it’s recommended to pick Sun Rocks apart with your fingers. You can also use scissors to gently trim up some Sun Rocks bud before smoking.

For best results, Sun Rocks should be smoked in a pipe, bubbler, bong, or rolled into a blunt. As Snoop Dogg suggests, a little Sun Rocks or Moon Rocks goes a long way, and it’s recommended to keep it light with this stuff. He told The Breakfast Club,


“If I do do it, I take it and I sprinkle into some regular weed. You can’t just do it by itself, it can’t just be Moon Rock solo.”

So what are Moon Rocks/Sun Rocks?

Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks are a west-coast creation, made popular in California and more recently put on by a lot of influential musicians from that area.

Moon Rocks

What you need to know though is that there are three layers to the product from inside to outside:

  1. The Bud
  2. A layer of hash oil
  3. A layer of Kief.


Traditionally Moon Rocks are covered in a gooey, black hash oil, whereas Sun Rocks are covered in a highly concentrated and refined rosin or oil. This is where that extra 20% potency is made.


Sun Rocks

Sun Rocks are made up of top-shelf bud drizzled in the absolute highest quality concentrate. Think you can handle it?


We’ve carried Moonrocks with receiving great feedback from you guys. But what do you think? Have you tried them before? Would you like to see some Sunrocks in the store?

They may be coming soon to Terra…

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