Indica Strains

What is Indica?

Indicas are distinguished by their relaxing, body-high effects. Indica flowers usually have a higher content of terpenes like beta-myrcene and beta-caryophyllene than sativas, which both have anti-inflammation and anti-anxiety effects that can be beneficial for those looking for a relaxing high. This means that smoking an indica will result in a body dominate high that is felt in the joints as a muscle relaxer, great for treating pain or insomnia.

Choosing a strain depends on personal preference, and there is not one blanket answer for how a strain will affect you. However, knowing what you are smoking before you smoke it will help find the right blend for you. An easy phrase to remember all this is “Indica, In-da-couch” because potent indicas will give you that notorious couch-lock effect and put you to sleep before you even know what hit you!

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