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$90 OZ (Small Nugs)


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High quality cannabis strain with high THC content ~ Smaller nugs & Loose Trim


Popcorn Nugs, High THC, Slightly Dry

Additional information

Weight 1 g
Dimensions .1 × .1 × .1 in

90 reviews for $90 OZ (Small Nugs)

  1. Jamie B. (verified owner)

  2. Rob (verified owner)

    Got what payed for??

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Jacqueline Cotter (verified owner)

  6. Jason B. (verified owner)

    Fantastic price and the quality was better than what the description claimed so no complaints here! AAA quality cannabis at a fraction of the average white market price

    You can’t go wrong! Made some edible gummies from these two ounces and it made enough oil to last and then some, and that oil was used to make the gummies of course.

  7. David Sedarose (verified owner)

    Great price amazing high

  8. Marley Kalesnikoff (verified owner)

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Decent for the price

  10. Jason B. (verified owner)

    AAA quality bud at unbeatable price!

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Dried to the perfect crush for smoking imo

  12. John (verified owner)

  13. Jinx D. (verified owner)

    Love these oz. Always delious ❤

  14. michael c. (verified owner)

    good product??

  15. Sarah Courtney (verified owner)

    I still haven’t recieved my package yet. Its been 10 days….

  16. Thomas B. (verified owner)

    Not the same as the high grade flower from terra

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

  18. Josh W. (verified owner)

    I’m sorry. I have not yet received my order so I cannot rate it.

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great price, good quality for the flower. Not as good as some of your other products, but great value.

  20. Tom K. (verified owner)

    Very impressed complete with exceptional service!! Would and will recommend Terra products

  21. Leah M. (verified owner)

    Very good product and delivery was awesome thanks again guys

  22. Jinx D. (verified owner)

    Always tasty

  23. jodi phillips (verified owner)

    I like really high thc weed

  24. John (verified owner)

  25. Craig S. (verified owner)

    Good product
    Good taste
    Burn well
    Good price

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

  27. Thomas (verified owner)

    decent for its price, smells and tastes good too. strength for me at least is a mid.

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)


  29. John (verified owner)

  30. Colly (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality for the price! It’s a regular in my terra shopping cart ??

  31. Leah M. (verified owner)

    Very good

  32. Terry Corbeil (verified owner)

    Good weed and only a little bit of trim

  33. Craig S. (verified owner)

    Good product
    very easy to work with
    taste good

  34. Kris (verified owner)

    You can’t beat this deal, highly recommend

  35. Jinx D. (verified owner)

    Happy as always

  36. Paul Herold (verified owner)

    Always good value. There is a lot of shake. But it’s stated in the write up as such. It’s just be nice to know what you’re smoking…

  37. Ricky Lambert (verified owner)

    Ya u

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

  39. ronald (verified owner)

    I have been finding either hairs or webs in this ounce. Smokes good with good affects.

  40. Teddy Rae (verified owner)

    I didn’t try yet my order didn’t come in its says its on hold May 9 ,2020 on hold thank you very much for putting it on hold because i don’t know how that name or email popped up in my account ORDER #298364 and its says Starla Mamakeesic email please get back to me thank you

  41. Lily Brogan (verified owner)

  42. Lily Brogan (verified owner)

  43. corbet jean sebastien (verified owner)

    maybee if its possible to receive this order someday lol and the one before too bad service the last two time really bad

  44. Paul Herold (verified owner)

    Solid. Be nice to know strain

  45. David Sedarose (verified owner)

    Always love the Walter white 90 small bugs too much stems last time but no problem it’s easy to pick out. It’s a great indica high and the bugs are caked in THC. Thanks

  46. Jinx D. (verified owner)

  47. Leah Moser (verified owner)

    We love your products very much, quality and quantity at fare pricing, can’t beat that! Thank you for making our lives happier and the delivery makes life easier. Customers for life! Ps bang on weights! We love you

  48. Craig Stinson (verified owner)

    Not bad product for the price
    Buds were really small

  49. Teddy Rae (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  50. Leah Moser (verified owner)

    Can’t complain great price and good buzz

  51. Ronald H. (verified owner)

    Very good quality.

  52. Katherine (verified owner)

  53. Keely S. (verified owner)

    fabulous! Great for making butter, but strong enough to still smoke and enjoy!

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great quality, fantastic price

  55. GERALD yaworek (verified owner)

    took week to get here

  56. Marcel D. (verified owner)

    Great taste for the price burn good in a vaporizer

  57. Anonymous (verified owner)

  58. Jeroen H. (verified owner)

  59. Rick Rozell (verified owner)

    Good product for a good price

  60. Line Gingras (verified owner)

  61. Anonymous (verified owner)

    You’ll get what you pay for. You can’t expect the sun & moon for $90. The $90 ounce is a great excuse to roll a real fat one.

  62. Teddy Rae (verified owner)

    very good

  63. Anonymous (verified owner)

    exactly as advertised, its a fair deal.

  64. Paul Herold (verified owner)

    Lots of shake 80$ per ounce seems proper

  65. Brianna S. (verified owner)

    Great price

  66. Pauline (verified owner)

  67. Anonymous (verified owner)

  68. Matt McDougall (verified owner)

    Great value, typically really good quality but noticed this time there were a lot of stems and leaves. Was also very dry

  69. Keely Schneider (verified owner)

    Small nugs but who cares! Works great for edibles and or to smoke.

  70. Amanda S. (verified owner)

  71. Doug Dooley (verified owner)

    Lots of scrap poor quality takes 2 x the volume to get the same effect. Nugs were really small along with sticks and leaf almost shake !!!!!

  72. Vanessa F. (verified owner)

    Smells and tastes great! Just a bit dry, but great value. Also perfect for infusing for edibles!

  73. Jinx (verified owner)

  74. Mackenzie C. (verified owner)

  75. Anonymous (verified owner)

  76. Amanda S. (verified owner)

    This was more of a bag of shake, not small nugs

  77. Anonymous (verified owner)

  78. Col Auld (verified owner)

    Great quality for the price 👌🏽

  79. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Does the trick at a reasonable price

  80. Craig S. (verified owner)

    Its pretty good, but I did find it was a really dry and found multiple seeds.

  81. John (verified owner)

    Best bang for the buck !

  82. Z L (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for quality bud at an affordable Price. Look no further

  83. Sebastien (verified owner)

    Little bit of tree but good price and good for smoking too

  84. Keely (verified owner)

    always a great product to purchase and use!

  85. Patricia (verified owner)

    Buy from Terra!

  86. Amanda S. (verified owner)

  87. Andy C. (verified owner)

    heckuva deal, good stuff for a real good price

  88. David Sedarose (verified owner)

    Pretty bad didn’t get high very leafy lots of stems but it was nice n dry not too harsh

  89. Anonymous (verified owner)

    based on the price, these are not bad

  90. Lee (verified owner)

    Not to bad been good so far

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