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Super Silver Lemon Haze AAA $150 ounce


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High quality cannabis strain with high THC content ~ Smaller nugs & Loose Trim

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions .1 × .1 × .1 in

50 reviews for Super Silver Lemon Haze AAA $150 ounce

  1. GoMeR (verified owner)

    Not bad

  2. Vyvianmitchell (verified owner)

    I love to order off of Terra, but lately I find with these deals it is a lot more stem and leaf. I like my stems to make tea, but sometimes it can be too much. An Oz for 100$ is an amazing deal, wish we had more information in the strain information. I would reccomend this to anyone who is okay with not knowing what your smoking, and if you’re okay with 2.5 grams worth of stems and leaves.

  3. Warren (verified owner)

    Lots of buds and a very little shake. I ‘cleaned up’ this ounce …and ended up with 25 gms. of solid bud. Two or three huge buds and rest were small. The quality of this mix was much more than I expected …especially for $100! I will definitely buy again.

  4. Lori Brow (verified owner)

  5. Matthew W. (verified owner)


  6. ron england (verified owner)

    For 100 dollars well worth it

  7. peter quinn (verified owner)

  8. Jonathan Harte (verified owner)

  9. Debra (verified owner)

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Alittle stemy but good smoke and a better high

  12. Mathew Durdin (verified owner)

  13. Sandy (verified owner)

  14. ron england (verified owner)

  15. Lori brow (verified owner)

    Very good strain I would recommend

  16. Andre Walean (verified owner)

    I ordered this and got 4 plastic packages of Acapulco Gold each contained 3.5 grams (according to the labels) I didnt bother to actually weigh them. So yeah, everyone knows 14 grams is not an ounce. However, since the strain was good and in the past company has been very good with customer service, I didn’t contact Terra regarding this issue. Although my girlfriend was pissed and insisted I get what I paid for, I told her that we still had a pretty good deal considering the strain quality, lol. I’m ordering this again to see what will happen.

  17. ron england (verified owner)

  18. Warren (verified owner)

    Great price for smaller bud mix. A little shake, but the quality and the price made this a great deal.

  19. Adrian Lynch (verified owner)

    Excellent value for the cost.

  20. Victor (verified owner)

    Not sure what strain this is bit overall i enjou it. Packages are difficult to open lately. Last few months.

  21. Rob (verified owner)

    Good but small popcorn buds

  22. peter quinn (verified owner)

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Once again, great deal for a great product.

  24. Paul W. (verified owner)

    I am Absolutely completely satisfied! The product is fantastic, price is awesome, Thanks Terra! ?

  25. Martin (verified owner)

  26. Amanda W. (verified owner)

    Great value. I will purchase again.

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Strong stuff

  28. Victor (verified owner)

    A better description of what it is I am smoking would be great. But I think its a sativa . Nevertheless it’s really good.

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great bargain. The $100 ounce is an excellent excuse to fatten up the joint.

  30. Frederick (verified owner)

    Neither amazing nor disappointing. It’s a mystery bag of weed that wouldn’t sell in a shop due to presentation, but is worth the price if you vape/smoke a lot, and probably for cooking as well.

  31. Anne (verified owner)

    It’s good weed but has a lot of twigs

  32. Amanda W. (verified owner)

    Great value for the price.

  33. Ian Landry (verified owner)

  34. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    Like the olden days. Nice high..

  35. Brock L. (verified owner)

  36. darrin b. (verified owner)

    works well . great price .. 54 yr old with MS and terrible neuropathic pain .. big help

  37. Amanda W. (verified owner)

  38. Maxwell (verified owner)

  39. Derrick Flinn (verified owner)

    Good morning bud

  40. Matthew (verified owner)

  41. Kris (verified owner)

    You can’t beat this deal. Smaller nugs but very tasty and great effects. If you do not care what type of brand. I highly recommend

  42. Sabrina A. (verified owner)

    Great deal. Product was to be expected for price range. Would buy again.

  43. Kris (verified owner)

  44. Mike (verified owner)

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Smooth and not too expensive

  46. Jason B. (verified owner)

    Made it into edibles love it!

  47. Michael W. (verified owner)

    Good smell

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

  49. ronald (verified owner)

    Good smoke.

  50. Tom K. (verified owner)

    Excellent value and quality as usual❤️

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