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Exploration, Expedition, Experience. These are words that stereotypes have deemed antagonistic to the Cannabis Community, however the truth cannot be held down. Cannabis users of all kinds, old and young, are not lazy stoners. We are all unique individuals seeking new experiences and breathtaking moments that can be heightened with our favorite herb.

Here are ten absolutely stunning Canadian spots you cannot miss, and with the right product, it’s guaranteed to be nothing but bliss.

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Cox Bay, Tofino – British Columbia

With the perfect storm of jaw-dropping beauty, a relaxed local vibe, and excellent weather, Tofino easily attracts surfers, bird watchers, campers, whale watchers, fishermen, or anyone just looking to be close to nature. Radar Hill in Pacific Rim Park, is not to be missed, a beautiful hiking area once dedicated to the early days of the Cold War where radar stations were built by the military. The large buildings once used by our forces are now by the Radar Hill parking areas. The 100 metre walk to the top of the hill takes five to ten minutes and the viewpoints are breathtaking. Get to the top, rise above the forestry, take a toke and check out the mapboard at the summit naming the visible landmarks you can see on a clear day.

The Scarborough Bluffs, Toronto – Ontario

The French gave it the name “Les grands Ecores”, the english called it “The High Lands”, but today we know the hillside area in Toronto known as The Scarborough Bluffs. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Bluffs is the number of times that you can visit and still find new areas to explore. As much as Bluffer’s Beach is the centre of all the action, it’s parks like Cudia, Cathedral Bluffs, and Scarborough Heights where you can absorb the splendour of it all in relative tranquility near the cerulean waters of Lake Ontario. The Bluffs have become a community meeting place for people of all ages. It features various recreational hiking and walking trails as well as picnic tables, firepits, places to pitch a tent, parking lots, a Restaurant, and a large marina and boating club. It’s a no brainer to take a puff at the Bluff’s and take it in with friends and family.

The Gypsum Mines, Cape Breton – Nova Scotia

A very underrated place to visit in Nova Scotia, the Gypsum Mines at one time provided for the town Cheticamp, but is now flooded out. The placed was named after the Gypsum rock they mined, which beautiful walls around the swimming hole are made of.  The water is a light-green turquoise colour surrounded by beautiful rock, cliffs and a mountainesque feeling. There are perfect marble ledges to rest on near the water, cliff jumping levels on the other side of the water, and a zip line in the middle of the quarry. There are also paths to take you up to stunning views of the mines and surrounding area. Perfect place to relax, be to oneself or one’s group of friends and have those feelings extended with a friendly joint.

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver – British Columbia

Thrilling visitors since 1889 the Capilano Suspension Bridge crosses towering evergreens, provides cedar-scented rainforest air and 7 suspended footbridges offering views 110 feet above the forest floor for absolute breathtaking perspectives. The new Cliffwalk follows a labyrinth-like series of narrow cantilevered bridges, stairs and platforms. The location draws over 800,000 people are year, and has staff dressed in 1890’s costumes providing entertainment, guided tours through the Story Centre and eco-tours in the rainforest. One can also interact with First nations staff and select from the world’s largest private collection of totem poles. Overall an excellent place to enjoy a tasty edible, get in tune with your energies and tour the glorious ancient rainforests.

Mont Royal, Montreal – Quebec

The gem you should not miss in Montreal, without question, is the Mount Royal Park. This park of 200-hectares is situated by the mountain that lies in the midst of Montreal island, and includes the highest spot in the city (234m). This area in the 1860s was victim to extreme tree cutting on the mountain for firewood, which in turn outraged the populace and led to the area’s park designation. Mount Royal is where Montrealers go to get a breath of air on a hot day, to cross-country ski, to ice skate to walk off a bad mood, to picnic, to jog, to look  out over the booming city and rest their eyes on the horizon to dream. Take a  toke from a joint, pipe or vape, and contemplate how the beautiful Mont Royal actually used to be a Volcano, well, an active one all of 125 million years ago.

BC Ferries, Various locations – British Columbia

Sometimes it’s best to head out on the ocean, smell the fresh sea scented air and take a toke on a boat. BC Ferries, is known for providing spectacular scenery while operating one of the largest ferry fleets in the world with sailing times varying from 15 minutes all the way to 15 hours. On board amenities include food services, gift shops, lounges and elevators to ensure easy access to all amenities. BC Ferries southern routes include spectacular circle tours of British Columbia. They can bring you to Victoria and Nanaimo linking guests to Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast, Haida Gwaii etc.

Stanley Park, Vancouver – British Columbia

This list wouldn’t be complete without Vancouver’s first and largest urban park. Stanley Park took top spot in TripAdvisor’s 2014 Top 25 Parks of the World list and is a multi-dynamic space that has everything from trails, beaches, dining, gardens, monuments, sculptures, wildlife, first nations arts, etc. This is the spot to enjoy flower with friends throughout the day and take in the scenic views of water, mountains, sky and majestic trees along Stanley Park’s famous Seawall.

Athabasca Falls, Jasper National Park – Alberta

Some mountain towns base their appeal on trying to be trendy. Jasper retains its timeless appeal by being a real intimate community that originated as a railway town that just happens to be in the middle of some of the most gorgeous protected wilderness in the world. If your heading here you have to bring your cannabis products to Maligne Lake, Jasper’s most famous tourist destination. Travelling by canoe or kayak to one of its three backcountry campsites will let you experience its peace and beauty in unparalleled tranquility.

Tunnel Mountain, Banff – Alberta

Rocky Mountain peaks, turquoise glacial lakes, a picture-perfect mountain town & village, abundant wildlife, and scenic drives come together in Banff National Park – Canada’s first national park and the flagship of the nation’s park system. There are approximately 3 million visitors a year who make the journey to the park for a variety of activities including hiking, biking, skiing and camping in some of the world’s most breathtaking mountain scenery. Being a top the mountains in this area, in the right heightened state of mind may provide you with insight that will stay with you the rest of your life.

Cape Split, Scots Bay – Nova Scotia

Cape Split Provincial Park Reserve is a 447-hectare natural environment park located in Scots Bay, Kings County. The park is considered a beautiful significant coastal landmark overlooking the Bay of Fundy and is an incredibly popular hiking spot. In addition to hiking, the park offers picnicking and opportunities to view diverse wildlife and witness the impressive action of the Bay of Fundy tide. This is a must go to spot when on the East Coast, bring your friends have a spliff on the Split.

  1. Jim Gibson says:

    I would like to go to Nova Scotia. Cape Split is such a stunning place! I know it will bring me great relaxation and summertime with my favorite strain!

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