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1. Drake

When millennials think of artists from Canada, the first people we think of are typically Drake and Justin Bieber. When it comes to music to listen to when you’re stoned, you can safely rule out Justin Bieber and turn to the other music king of Canada, Drake.

Despite the mainstream hype around Drake, he does have some great songs to blaze to, including slow songs, reggae beats, pop songs, and hard rap. His wide variety makes it hard to choose which type to vibe with.

To ease your mind, I’ve picked out his best songs in each category that you can run on loop.

Let’s start with a classic, “Marvin’s Room.” His album Take Care is personally my favorite. Not only does it have some of his greatest work, but this is also the era when Drake found his style. As for reggae beats, one of his latest albums has a few in that category, including “Blem” and “Madiba Riddim.”

Drake is well known for his pop-like songs, which often take off and become top chart hits. However, some of his best pop songs are ones that haven’t been overplayed yet. For example, What A Time to Be Alive, his album with Future has a few great songs for smoking like “Diamonds Dancing” and “Change Locations.”

2. The Weeknd

In 2012, The Weeknd broke out into fame with his album Trilogy. He started in 2010 with YouTube, releasing his first songs.

As for an artist to blaze to, he’s a great choice. His sound is almost like soft rock, but with the beats of popular rap and pop songs. His voice is angelic and soothing. “Wicked Games” is a song released on Trilogy that really sets up his foundation for sound that he has carried throughout his career.

His next album Kiss Land has a mixture of new sounds. One of the best tracks is “Live For” featuring Drake. In 2015, Beauty Behind the Madness won a Grammy and at this point everyone was raving about the Weeknd. Almost every song on this album was a hit.

Although it is not the most popular, “Tell Your Friends About It” is a great song to smoke to. In 2016, he released Starboy, which also had many hits. “Sidewalks” featuring Kendrick Lamar has a great flow to spark to. Lastly, his most recent album is a bit more melancholy. If you’re ever smoking in your bag, give “Call Out My Name” a listen.

3. Mac Demarco

The prince of indie, Mac DeMarco, provides many hazy guitar tracks to enhance your high.

DeMarco records mostly on analog, a retro way of recording music on tape. This gives his music a wobbly sound as if it were traveling here from the distant past….or through clouds of marijuana smoke.

DeMarco’s most notable album is Salad Days. In this album, he played all the instruments and mixed the music entirely himself in his home studio. Doing so gave Salad Days DeMarco’s classic lo-fi, DIY sound. Stoners may see parts of themselves in this aspect of DeMarco since marijuana can lead many of us on all sorts of DIY, homemade adventures.

Classic tracks to blaze to include “Ode to Viceroy,” “Brother,” “Moonlight on the River,” and “Moving like Mike.” Whether you’re looking for hazy guitar riffs that embody the lo-fi sound or more upbeat, electronic sounds, Mac DeMarco can provide the perfect soundtrack to any smoke session.

4. Neil Young

What true Canadian smoking playlist could go without some 60s music? Neil Young is a significant figure of the 20th-century folk-rock scene. His introspective, personal lyrics mixed with bittersweet acoustics will have your high thoughts trending toward the deep.

A prime example of this sort of sound comes on “Old Man,” arguably his most popular song. Here, Young compares his own life to that of an old groundskeeper, recognizing the fact that time may change outward appearances, but each man is essentially a reflection of the other and their needs. Another stark example of this comes on “Heart of Gold.” Check out the live performance. It is minimal, with Young, a harmonica, a guitar, and a dark background.

However, the intensity and passion he has for his music shines through here as he sings about his inability to find the idealized version of love for himself or others. As you can see, Young’s music won’t quiet your high mind. But it will get you to feel something. The heightened feelings from a weed high are perfect for diving deep into yourself and your feelings as a tenor voice, harmonica, and guitar sound off in the background.

5. Deadmau5

Masked musicians have become the new wave of EDM. One of the first to rock this look is deadmau5, pronounced dead mouse.

Joel Zimmerman was born in 1981 in Ontario, Canada. He debuted in 2005 with his first studio album Get Scraped. However, it wasn’t until 2008 that he blew up in Canada.

His album Random Album Title went gold in Canada and silver in the UK. Deadmau5 was one of the first in his industry to start the wave of raves and mainstream EDM. Throughout his career, he has worked with Kascade, Tiesto, and Wolfgang Gartner.

So far, he has been nominated for six Grammys and was the first Canadian to have three number one tracks on Billboard’s top charts.

Music festivals have become increasingly popular, and Deadmau5 has performed at his fair share of them. Deadmau5 has played at Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Electronic Forest. This year, he will pay at Imagine festival, DAS ENERGI, Goldrush, and Global Dance Fest.  


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