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Can one of the most delicious fruits in the world really heighten your cannabis experience? The Answer is yes and here’s why mangoes just might become your new favorite fruit. Marijuana and Mangoes, being the result of plant flowering, carry scented plant compounds called terpenes.  

Specifically the two play host to myrcene terpenes, which is responsible for creating different highs through the “entourage effect” where different combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes can create different highs. With Myrcene in particular it naturally helps THC past the blood/brain barrier faster. That means that when mangoes and cannabis are combined, they may be able to deliver a one-two punch against your ailments. In order to do this effectively eat the mango about 45 minutes before smoking/vaporizing and with edibles 10 minutes prior or you can eat with your edibles if you choose to. Those who have experienced increased highs as a result of eating mangoes suggest that the absorption time of THC was cut from 7 seconds to just 4 with inhalation.

By using this beautiful fruit you can increase the availability of marijuana’s beneficial properties and can begin to experience faster relief. And with many disorders – particularly those related to pain and inflammation – this added speed can be an added blessing. The fruit itself has many other benefits in being rich in vitamin A and C, improving digestion, lowering cholesterol, clearing the skin. Clearly mangoes are the way to go for the modern cannabis connoisseur.

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