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Why Dating A Stoner Is The Best

Are you in the market for a companion? Maybe the onset of Autumn has initiated your hunt for a cuffing season partner. You’d be surprised to learn that a stoner can play the part of a loyal companion quite well. Stoners tend to get a bad rap–often labeled as lazy, messy, unemployed, and perpetually high. Stereotypes aside, these are typically not the case. If you’re lucky enough to come across a cute and unclaimed stoner, these 10 reasons will surely be enough to persuade you to snatch them up.

Everyone knows that stoners are often laid-back, creative types, but many of their other quirks and traits tend to go unnoticed or underappreciated. Ensure yourself a lifetime of good sleep and free tree by joining forces with a fellow lover of the herb.

1. You’ll Never Be Bored

As long as the supply of marijuana is flowing, you’ll never be bored. In fact, almost everything feels better when you’re high. Sex is better while high, food tastes better while high, and bad Netflix movies even seem better while high. You’ll never have to face a dull moment and you’ll learn to appreciate the smaller beauties of life, like enjoying a relaxing day doing absolutely nothing at the beach or around the house. Even if you find yourself doing absolutely nothing, your minds will be uplifted and euphoric, keeping you occupied at least beneath the surface.

2. Never Go Hungry Again

As the colder months roll in, people tend to have less energy. Grocery shopping swiftly loses all appeal and thought of preparing a meal sounds like a complex task. Save yourself a trip to the store in the blistering cold and hunker down with a stoner who will lavish an excessive amount of pizza and munchies from their personal stash. The stereotypes that stoners have large appetites exist for a reason. The THC in marijuana interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain that deal with hunger. The more you smoke, the hungrier you’ll be, and by dating a stoner, you’ll remorselessly indulge in all kinds of treats because you’re doing it together. Ensure you’re fed with not just the food you want, but the food you deserve by dating a stoner.

3. Winter is Coming

Temperatures are dropping and cuffing season is approaching. Those who would rather be single find themselves, along with everyone else, desiring to be tied down or “cuffed” by a relationship to make prolonged indoor activities more bearable. A stoner partner is the ideal candidate for a cuffing partner. Who else is going to cuddle with you and watch movies, your cat? Cats are a great alternative, but not enough to combat the feeling of perpetual wintertime loneliness. A stoner will make a great Netflix and chill partner. They’ll also love to join you for wintertime activities such as building a snowman or going ice skating. Let’s not forget to mention that the holidays are coming up, and your family is bound to ask you why you’re not seeing anyone (and why you’re not married yet, and why you chose to go to school for that art degree.) Prevent at least one of those terrible conversations from occurring by having a stoner partner at your side.

4. They Always Have Weed

While this may seem pretty obvious, we can’t stress the importance of it enough. A stoner is always prepared. Do you hate having to buy weed for yourself or going to buy weed alone? Dating a stoner can circumvent those troubles because they’ll always have their own weed, and will love to share it with you because stoners are generous by nature. If you run out, and you just want to cuddle up with your partner-in-crime on the couch, don’t forget that you can always purchase marijuana online to be delivered right to your doorstep.

5. They Know How to Laugh and Will Think You’re Hilarious

Simply put, if you’re dating a stoner, the two of you will always be laughing, and laughter is one of the most important factors to a successful relationship. If you aren’t able to laugh with your significant other, it puts a strain on the relationship. And let’s not forget that weed tends to make everything funny, so even if you’re not actually a funny person, the weed will help make you seem like you are, giving you points in your significant other’s eyes.

6. They’re Great Listeners and Won’t Judge

Stoners don’t require an excessive amount of stimulation to live in the moment. You won’t need to plan any extravagant activities to keep them be happy; they’ll be content just spending time with you and listening to what you have to say. Want to vent about something to someone who may instantly forget everything you just said? This is where a stoner comes in.

You’ll always find a sympathetic ear in your partner, who is content to sit cross-legged with a blunt and discuss any number of topics. Stoners also tend to think more philosophically, so if you’re ready to go on a rant about conspiracy theories or the meaning of life, a set of stoner ears will be there for you and ready to listen.

7. They Have Great Taste in Music

It’s common knowledge that stoners have the best taste in music, but why is that so? There’s a meditative aspect of getting high. You need to be able to achieve a certain level of feng shui to fully set the mood and enjoy your high to the greatest extent, and that can’t be achieved with Nickelback’s 2005 album All the Right Reasons. With that being said, stoners tend to have great taste in music, transcending the surface area of sound and getting into the more complex rhythms of higher-quality, methodical music. Music also just sounds way better when you’re high, so you need to find the tunes that give you the most enlightenment.

8. They Don’t Require Much to be Happy

Weed smokers aren’t typically high-maintenance individuals. As we’ve said, as long as you have some conversation going, some good food, or an interesting movie to watch, you’ll both be content. Life’s simple pleasures will feel much more enjoyable all thanks to mary jane. Also, according to Harvard Medical School, those who smoke marijuana tend to have reduced anxiety in the long-term, improving overall mood. What more could you ask for?

9. No Such Thing as an Awkward Silence

Don’t you hate the stress of combating awkward silence when you first enter a relationship? Do you get anxious trying to come up with witty things to say to impress your new significant other? This can all be avoided by dating a stoner because they’re completely fine with sitting in total silence. Sometimes when you’re high, your mind wanders off to another place. Maybe you’re sorting out a philosophical epiphany in their head, or you just found a strain of weed that made you feel complacent. There is never pressure to continue a conversation or keep each other distracted because stoners are quite comfortable with just being in each other’s presence and enjoying each other’s company.

10. When It’s Over, It’s Over

When your relationship comes to an end, don’t expect your stoner ex to stalk you or try to get back together with you. Stoners are incredibly decisive people and have limited room to put up with nonsense. They have plenty of time to talk about what they need and want from you, and if they find that those needs aren’t being fulfilled, they’ll be on their way.

So, to those who are apprehensive to enter a relationship with a stoner, maybe these reasons have convinced you otherwise. If these reasons haven’t convinced you, maybe you just need to be the stoner in the relationship yourself. But first, you’ll need a reliable source of bud. Check out Terra online to meet all of your marijuana-related inclinations and become a sought-after stoner partner yourself!  


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